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ted Born again Xtns (Christians) favor Democratic candidates, says survey.

 Why would a Xtn vote for someone that is hard line anything?

restricting abortion rights █████████████████████████ █ Oppose░░ Favor
patriot act █████████████
same sex marriage ████
free trade agreements ████████
lower defense spending ███████
immigration ████████
universal health care ███

Opinions of liberals in a 2005 Pew Research Center study.

Restricting Abortion

The overwhelming majority of Democrats favor abortion. Within that camp are the “abortion on demand” supporters, who would willingly violate the rights of the mother.

Besides the death of an innocent child, which is heinous enough, the parts of dead children are carved up and sold for a profit by the abortion clinics to companies that specialize in providing human body parts for research.

A Google search on “baby parts for sale,” yielded 494,000 hits. Here are just a few,

Organ Harvesting

Baby Body Parts for Profit

Manimal Rights


Patriot Act

The ill-conceived Patriot Act is the largest intrusion into personal liberties since Stalin. The Democrats have this one right. The Patriot Act reminds me of the quotation attributed to Ben Franklin “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Our rights used to be protected because Big Brother could not simply serve a warrant or subpoena without at least going to a judge or a court. Under the Patriot Act almost any flimsy reason given to a bureaucrat, (and not an official of the court) can issue a “administrative subpoena,” another name for subpoena (which may only be issued by a judge). This is an end-run play around justice. The Patriot Act deserves no safety, and should be overturned.

There is a something called feature creep in software. If software has not been programmed to specifically do a thing, but is designed as capable of doing more, those features will eventually be activated to do more. In software the computer gets bogged down as more and more is asked of it, and that lean mean software, running as fast as you can click starts to run slower, take longer to boot, and so on.

Feature creep is embedded in the Patriot Act. Things that its proponents said would never be done, are being done, and our rights are. Not only legal gun owners should be alarmed about this creep. Every citizen should. The twist of a phrase can authorize government organizations to issue new regulations with the force of law taking away our rights. Feature creep is a built in mandate for laws such as this.

Feature Creep in Action

ADDED 04-14-08: The failed ERA was said by those opposed to mean that passage of ERA would mean legal assaults against single sex organizations such as Boys Clubs, Girl Scouts, and for uni-sex bathrooms, and so on. Those states which had codified parts of the ERA platform in their state laws have had lawsuits filed seeking to do exactly what pro-ERA activists said would NOT happen. Go to this site for an accurate description of ERA and how it failed, and how aspects of it were passed into law and the predictions of those opposed to it came true. This is feature creep in action.

Here are a few websites that trumpet the alarm about the (un)Patriot Act both bad and GOOD news.

Same Sex-Marriage

Nearly the same number support same-sex marriage as support abortion on demand. Lifelong homosexual activist Larry Kramer in the article, Where’s the RAGE?, wrote:

In 1990 – that is some nine years into what was happening – 46 percent of gay men in San Francisco were still having sex without condoms. Sixty percent of the syphilis in America today is in men who have sex with men. HIV infections are up as much as 40 percent. He was referring to the complacent attitudes of homosexual men adding, You kids want to die? Because that’s what I sometimes think. Well, then, die.

The homosexual lifestyle is anti-monogamous, and though the rare same-sex couple is completely monogamous, Kramer’s example is very telling of the types of behavioral choices the overwhelming majority of homosexuals make.

I have recently gone through my diaries of the worst of the plague years. I saw day after day a notation of another friend’s death. I listed all the ones I’d slept with. There were a couple hundred. Was it my sperm that killed them? It is no longer possible for me to avoid this question of myself. (emphasis added)

Yet, in saying these things (such as his remorse over a youngster he seduced), “I think I murdered him,” (referring to a deadly STD which took the young man’s life). Kramer’s speech concludes with the linguistic version of the literary Kafkaesque surprise ending.

He’s said get your act together, stop using drugs, start using protection, stop being profligate, and details his encounters with those who died with whom he’d had anal sex, tells of his remorse over the death of a young man he seduced and possibly infected, and yet says, “I love being gay.”  And yet it meant melodramatic ruminations over whose deaths he caused through an act he committed.

Medical-social-psychiatric problems with a homosexual encounter-lifestyle. Following is a list of diseases associated with the homosexual behavioral choices; anal cancer, chlamydia trachomatis, cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia, herpes simplex virus, human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, human papilloma virus — HPV or genital warts — isospora belli, microsporidia, gonorrhea, viral hepatitis types B and C, and syphilis. These diseases, with consequences that range from severe and even life-threatening to mere annoyances, also include hepatitis A, giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica, Epstein-Barr virus, neisseria meningitides, shigellosis, salmonellosis, pediculosis, scabies and campylobacter.

From Same-Sex to Any-Sex, Marriage and Mendacity

Dana Liebelson  and Amanda Terkel, writing for the Huffinton Post gleefully declare “Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide.” And with the brakes let off marriage has become the soup de jour of societal covenants (without the security and assurance of a life long relationship based on G0d’s promises).

Other references;

Life span reduced by up to 20 years.

Increase in disease due to anal intercourse and details of the disease process.

Support for free trade

I believe in free trade, as long as, all things being equal, trading partners do not cheat one another. By this I mean, for the US Government to use our taxes to bolster the price of a product that Mexican farmers received no subsidies to produce, such that, our prices were lower than theirs is wrong, cheating and something done to the USA by many nations. Free trade presupposes that not only is the trade (across borders) free (no tariffs, import duties, etc.,) but also that no subsidies make products prices artificially low.

Such artificial support for trade imbalances the equation, and yet nations have always used tariffs and other fees to provide income. When one nation does not choose to do so in the face of a trading partner using subsidies or tariffs then it suffers. Thus, absent fair trade, then trade must be restricted. When will our nation learn?

Lower Defense Spending

The History Channel had a special on Switzerland. My entire life I believed that the Swiss were masters of diplomacy, and that they were not attacked during WWII because of this, but the special showed huge, miles long buried citadels and plans for repelling an attack that would have made the cost far too high for the Germans. The moral of the story, they were not attacked because they had a very good defensive wall. Thus the old saying that good walls make good neighbors, or in this case, safer neighbors seems to be as true to the Swiss then as it is today.

If our national defense is to be made less expensive, then it must be made so by weeding out profligate spending, not by diluting it’s strength through fiscal starvation.

Nearly the same level of support for lower defense spending as opposed to the Patriot Act, but are wrong because a strong defense is necessary defense. A weakened defense is no defense. Included in the defense of nation is defense of home. President (then candidate) Trump said,

I am a 2nd amendment person. If we had guns in California on the other side where the bullets went in the different direction, you wouldn’t have 14 or 15 people dead right now. If even in Paris, if they had guns on the other side, going in the opposite direction, you wouldn’t have 130 people plus dead.


Let them all in seems to be the high point. I believe that if one immigrates, one must become a citizen. If you are NOT a citizen you deserve no rights other than basic human rights. No uniquely American rights. Nothing but emergency health care when hurt or injured, or severely ill (determined by a doctor). No free lunch. No In-State tuition. No SSI. No anchor babies. No birthright babies. Pay your own way. You want benefits? Become a citizen.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Immigration, legal immigration is a net increase in our GDP, but a recent study supports the contention that illegal immigration is deleterious to our nations fiscal health. A study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illustrates how expensive.

The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year — an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America…

Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care is tied with abortion rights. A majority of Democratic liberals also support stem-cell research despite massive evidence that fetal stem cells are nearly useless (unless of course you are the fetus using your stem cells to grow toward birth). This evidence points to the FACT that adult stem cells are best when harvested from one’s own body. The evidence is massive and persuasive, embryonic stem cells therapy is held responsible for a tumor removed from the boy’s spine. Though the doctors removing the tumor “suggested” they were responsible, analysis of the tumor reveal cells that did not come from the boy’s body. On the other hand adult cells harvested and re-injected into the same person’s body have none of these problems. No teratomas (clumps of skin, bone, or hair; tumors) growing in your body in places they ought not to grow.

The truth is there are over 60 currently in-use cures and more on the horizon that use an adults own stem cells. During the last 20 to 25 years of research cures using embryonic stem cell lines have been replete with pitfalls and dangers to the patients. The dangers are too great. Tumors, anti-rejection drugs for life and more.

For more information read;

Cancer and Fetal Stem Cells

Fetal Stem Cells Unstable

Adult Stem Cells May Cure Blindness

Adult Stem Cells May Repair Damage Heart Muscle heart attacks/

Beneficial Therapies Using Adult Stem Cells


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